Rome and Venice - Travel tips

I did a 3 day trip of Rome and Venice from Copenhagen. Here are a few  tips for visitors from those visits.

1. Most of the attractions can be covered by walk and you can follow the crowd to reach the attraction. ( esp. in summer).
2. 24 hour travel pass on public transport can be of help when you need to move around from one cluster of sights to another .( Please prefer the metro trains . I found the buses highly unreliable in Rome)
3. Coloseo (Colosseum), Roman Forum and Palantine hill are all covered under one ticket. Try to get your entry ticket at Palantine hill & Roman forum instead of Colosseum. ( The tickets can be bought from 8.30 AM). You can then visit the historic Coloseo anytime of the day with the same ticket ( of course, before it closes down) getting past the waiting crowd. Taking a guide just for the sake of beating the rush may not be a great idea unless you don't mind burning extra Euros!
4. Vatican museum- To get an entry ticket without waiting in the line, Please go there past mid-day. 
(Both clues 3 and 4 worked out for me . I picked those clues from the web ! )
5. Read about the history of Rome and the places you plan to visit. This can add more depth to your visit.

Next to Venice ( High Speed trains are available between Rome ( Roma termini) and Venice ( Venezia S Luzia) very frequently. Book your ticket in advance to save some money (!)

Most of Venice can be seen by walk or by sailing. I found the public transport "Vaporetto" as an economical option to go around the place. 12 hour/ 18 Hour/24 hour / trip tickets are available. 

Enjoy your trip!

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