What the builder means --

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When the builder says

1. The site is just a stone throw away from the main road

Actual - The site is a minimum of 1-2 kms away from the main road

2. The entire project would be ready in 6 months

Actual - Just add up another 6 months- 2 yrs for it to get completed (And another year for the facilities like club house, park, pool, store etc)

3. Everything is sold out - just a few ones left

Actual - As of now only few are sold - Its a way to create false demand

4. We have xyz sq ft of common area, open space ....

Actual - The buyer is paying for each sq ft of this space  @ price per sqft for every built up area

5. The selling rate in the area is 500-1000 rs more than our rate - we are giving you at a discounted rate

Actual - No builder would think of reducing rates and thereby their profits

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