Oresund rundt- Copenhagen weekend getaway option

If you are travelling the Copenhagen region and are looking for a good weekend trip , you may consider the following round trip

Copenhagen- Helsingor -(Ferry)-Helsinborg-Malmo-( Oresund Bridge)- Copenhagen ( in one ticket)

( Around the sun in one ticket)

or the other way round. You can even start the trip from Helsingor/ Helsinborg/ Malmo or any other location on the round trip!

If you decide to do the trip, the Oresund rundt ticket which is sold by Scane trafiic ( available in Sweden) is the best option to go with!

It costs 249 SEK as of may 2013. You may also buy this ticket in Copenhagen from the tourist information centre - 199 DKK ( Located across the road -Kobenhavn central station/ Tivoli).

Oresundt rundt gives unlimited access to the following for two days
1. Oresund tag ( train)
2. Pagatag ( in Sweden- Scania region)
3. Movia buses along the Oresundt line in Denmark.( all local transport in copenhagen)
4. Scane traffic buses in Scania.
( Please check the ticket for details- you can use the Helsingor-Helsinborg ferry and travel across the Oresund bridge only once by train)

The ticket provides access to move around  across the towns / cities situated in the circular region for two days!

Kronborg castle , Sofiero castle,  Ramlosa mineral water spring are some of the places you may want to visit.

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