Is money important or quality family time

It is very common to see men taking huge loans and going abroad alone to save some money to pay back the loans and for future. I have always being wondering how these people decide on sacrificing quality time that they could spend with their family. They dont get to see their kids growing up along with the mischievous activities of the kids which they may never repeat. The kids too keep yearning for their father's affection and the adults dont get time to spend with their parents too when they need it the most. The men too may keep waiting to get back to his family but then they get so held up that they cannt come back soon.

Now its the turn of working women ... you definitely can be career oriented or may be working so that there is more income in the family. But what about your kids ? You give them birth and leave them to aayas/ creches or grandparents to take care and go off. The kids keep yearning for their mother's love and wish that they mother spends time with them.

Money is very important for survival, but is luxury and sophistication at the cost of family time a necessity ? Most of our parents too had a single income, yet managed to educate us well and left no stone in our upbringing. Why do people keep running behind money on the pretext of saving for kids, but never think of the precious time they lose that makes the children's childhood a blessing..

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