Equality before God

It's disheartening to see a lot of reports in the newspapers regarding 'entry barriers' in places of worship. I am not sure whether we truly respect GOD or religion, if we are doing this.

'Entry Barriers' based on caste or religion comes to the notice of media immediately. But there are other types of discrimination which have become a way of life and we do not even complain about them. I am talking about fast darshans, quick darshans and VIP darshans which have become order of the day in many ( famous) temples. It is highly discriminatory that one should be made to wait longer in a queue simply for the reason that one is not able to afford a quick entry ticket or one is not a VIP.

If we have such discriminatory practices in places of worship ( which we consider as holiest), It will be long time before we can even imagine of equality in the society.

Let's strive to make equality come true..!!

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